Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the things we get asked every day. Have another question you don’t see here? Give us a call at 1-855-202-7209, we would be happy to help you out.

What can’t I put in the front load bin?

-No appliances or furniture
-Hazardous materials or and container having contained such materials
-Free liquids, oily wastes, oil filters, oil rags, sludge’s and semi-solids
-Solvents, greases
-Paint thinner or remover cans
-Treated wood, railroad ties
-Animal waste and/or carcasses
-Drums or sealed containers
-Durned debris
-Compressed cylinders (propane, oxygen, etc.)
-Batteries, transformers, ballasts
-Household chemicals
-Herbicide and pesticide containers
-Hydrocarbon soils
-Biomedical waste
-Fluorescent tubes
-Radioactive materials

***See something on this list you need to dispose of? Call us, we may have a solution for you.

Will my collection day change?

Your collection day will depend on your communities location. Call for more details.

Will there be enough room for my garbage?

For the communities that we currently service space is not a problem. For residents doing spring or fall clean-up if they find that they don’t have enough room, some use they’re neighbors or keep back some until the following week.

What about yard waste?

We will collect any bagged gardening or lawn debris as well as any bundled yard waste placed INSIDE the cart.

What if I can’t move the cart?

The carts are virtually effortless to move and requires minimal exertion. If you do have a concern about the weight or if you require assistance please contact your local Regens office.